The Executive has finalized the winter lodge rates and changed how booking works. There's only two rates each for members and guests - the regular daily rate and the holiday rate. We've also dicontinued the requirement for proof of vaccination. You can book up to ONE month in advance.


Snow is finally falling at the lodge and we know what that means - a sudden flurry of members booking beds at the lodge. This month we make our final mortgage payment. If you've signed in you'll see a Mortgage Burning Party event in January. I think it's time for a dinner and dance. Stay tuned.


I'm back from a few days at Fintry Provincial Park where it was hot and sunny, then hot and smokey, and then hot and sunny. The club had booked five nights on the group site plus a few members booked individual sites. Camping is always fun with other members.

We spent a few days at Pierre's Point last month. That was the site of the "Summer OKs" - six ski clubs got together for summer shenanigans. The summer festivities went on for fourty years and at it's peak had around 600 attendees. Each club had to have a theme and decorate their campsites accordingly. There was a stage for skits, dances, games and awards. There may have been drinking.

Hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the very brief summer. The days are getting shorter and it's already time to start planning for the winter season at the lodge. We're looking at lodge reservations and rates. Depending on when you stay at the lodge there are ten rates - five for members and five for guests.